Colourful faux fur.

I have absolutely loved the trend this winter/fall of colourful faux fur! I am obsessed with Charlotte Simone’s colourful scarves. I love anything girly and feminine but still quirky and that’s exactly what Charlotte Simone has brought to the faux fur world. And it’s not only me that has loved Charlotte Simone this season, celebrities have gone mad for her amazing pieces.


Kendall Jenner loving Charlotte Simone.

The scarf above is one of my absolute favourites and there are so many colours and variations on it. It looks just like a racoon or fox scarf but the faux fur and bright clashing colours make it an amazing contrast to a real fur scarf.


Charlotte Simone’s pom pom hats are just as fab as the scarves.

Charlotte Simone doesn’t only create amazing scarves but she has the fabulous pom pom hats which you may have seen Rosie Fortescue wearing in Made Chelsea. She is also bringing out a range of jackets just in time for the transition into spring clothing!

I’m obsessed with these jackets and can’t wait to get my hands on the pink one.

Asos have an amazing range of colourful faux fur scarves and other pieces just like these beautiful Charlotte Simone ones but at more of an affordable high street price.

I love my patchwork faux fur scarf from Asos, perfect for the transition from winter to Spring wear. It still keeps me warm from the cold wintery days, but with subtle spring colours.


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