Hair masks!

I am obsessed with my hair, I don’t think there’s a hair trend I haven’t tried. I’ve had every hair colour under the sun, most recently I went through the gradual process of turning from naturally dark brown to blonde.


It took years of gradual lightening and treatments to get my hair light enough to start toning it silver and lilac.


I even had the grey ombre look, the ends of my hair were completely silvery blue.

I finally took the plunge and got the blonde blended through the whole of my hair. A new light hair colour ready for spring and summer!image

However all this bleach has left my hair dry and brittle, its become weak and snaps a lot. So I needed to find a deep moisturising treatment to strengthen my hair and keep it hydrated and soft. I decided to try the osmo hair masks since I’ve heard really good reviews about them and theyre not expensive.


I went for the violet mask because trying to keep brassy tones from developing in my hair is so difficult already, so combining a moisture treatment and a toning treatment was perfect for me. The intense treatment mask was desperately needed for my dry and damaged hair. Both of these hair masks worked amazingly! They smell absolutely gorgeous, so fruity, my hair smelt amazing for the rest of the day. Plus they were so so easy to use, I just massaged a small amount into the lengths of my hair and left it in for 5-10 minutes then rinsed it out. My hair was left softer and stronger after the first use. I’m so excited to keep using these products and see my hair transformation. I would highly recommend this brand and these products for anyone looking to strengthen their dry locks.


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