Lush toner tabs!

I recently tried the lush toner tabs and thought they were amazing!

I was looking to give my skin a really deep cleanse and really refresh my face after binging on chocolate and alcohol over the Easter bank holiday weekend. The toner tabs did just that. image

It was so easy to use too, you just drop this little tab into a bowl of boiling water and steam your face as you usually would. It contains teatree so it has a wonderful smell and you can feel it opening up your pores and getting into them to clean them.

After steaming my face I used the mask of magnaminty face mask just to give my skin that extra deep clean. This face mask is amazing, I’ve used it three times so far and my skin feels a million times better. You can actually feel it working, it tingles your skin and after you wash it off you feel so refreshed.

A little tip: Although it says to leave on for 5-10 minutes ive learnt that if you can feel a spot coming or you have a bit of a troublesome pimple, just pop a dab on there and leave it while you’re watching TV and it will fix it!


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