Morphe brushes palettes

I recently recieved two morphe palettes for my birthday and I wsnted to write a brief review. The morphe palettes aren’t that expensive at all but I needed a large range of colours for my makeup kit so I asked for these palettes as a gift.

As they weren’t expensive I didn’t know what to expect from them but after using them I am very pleasantly surprised! The pigment in the colours was amazing and they were so bright and vibrant, the gorgeous colours showed up so well. Also they were so easy to work with and blend to create a gorgeous smokey eye.

With some glitter eyeshadow, you get a fine sprinkle of glitter when you apply them but with this palette the glittery colours are so strong. The glittery eyeshadow so are so gorgeous and show up so well I couldn’t be more pleased with them. Just perfect for the glitter trend that is so popular at the moment.

I can’t wait to keep using them and having a play with them. I will be uploading all pictures of my makeup looks to my blog and Instagram account glitter_for_breakfast_ so make sure to keep a look out.


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