Vogue Fashion Night Out 2016

My friends and I were lucky enough to receive an invite to attend the Vogue Fashion Night out this year, as the Tommy X Gigi collection has been released the Tommy Hilfiger  store took part in the event to promote our amazing new collaboration line.

The event was absolutely amazing and my friends and I had  so much fun, I wanted to share the pictures from the event with you all!

The whole theme of the event was fair ground, so there was a Ferris wheel, a carrousel, popcorn carts, candyfloss carts and so many other amazing themed decorations. The fairground theme carried on into the shops, if you purchased anything from one of the participating stores you won a token which could be used on any of the fun fair ground games.

Of course as well as the fairground fun there was amazing shopping to be done, stores including La Perla and Armani hired Djs to entice you into the shop and there were pop up shops including a Zalando store.

And of course one of the best things about the Fashion Night out was the free drinks, what’s better than shopping with a Gin and Tonic in one hand and Bellini in the other


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