A Sunday well spent really does bring a week of content.

So for me Sundays are all about staying in bed, with Netflix and snacks and moving as little as possible. It’s the one day a week I can truly be lazy and just snooze as much as I want. But my philosophy has  completely changed now.

This week instead of my usual lazy day I was seriously productive and it really has set my week off to an amazing start! I woke up at 8am which for me is just in heard of, I cleaned and tidied everywhere and made myself a nice healthy breakfast and then sat down to blog my items from the previous day. Then I went out for lunch with my friend to my favourite place to eat at the moment “bagels and beans” if you’re ever in Amsterdam you have to try it! And then I went for a lovely walk through the flower gardens in Vondel Park. I got home at around 5pm and I was somehow still so motivated so I cooked and prepared all of my lunches for the whole week and ironed my clothes.

If you’re like me and love a lazy Sunday then you’re no stranger to the droopy lazy Sunday feeling you get when you lay and contemplate what a waste of your day it has been, well not this week. This week I got into bed so happy with myself that I had worked on my blog, caught up on my Vogue reading and prepared myself for the week ahead whilst having a lovely day with my friend. I could lay in bed, happy with myself, and catch up on all of the fashion news from New York Fashion Week!

Now in my week (I know it’s only Tuesday) I feel so proactive and motivated. I love seeing the positive effects that making just one day a little bit more productive  can have, not to mention I get 30 extra minutes in bed every day due to not having lunch to prepare or ironing to do.

I really urge you to spend your Sunday well and see the differences it has through the week. I’m definitely going to try and keep my Sundays productive.


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