Bora Aksu Show-Dedicated to the Suffragette Movement.

Often I have found that fashion follows what is going on in the world around us, so with major world events comes the inspiration for the next season of fashion. With the recent chaos in the news, especially for women’s rights, it was amazing to see the fashion world coming together at London Fashion Week for the coming season and empowering women. So many collections were bringing bold, strong shapes and patterns to the female pieces, making them tailored and striking and often military, showing the world how strong and resilient women can be.

The Bora Aksu show was dedicated to Princess Sophie Duleep Singh, Daughter of the Maharaja Duleep Sing, the goddaughter of Queen Victoria, and a pioneer of the Suffragette movement. Sophia was one of the most prominent figures in the British Votes for Women movement, bold and fearless, she marched alongside Emmeline Pankhurst in protest outside parliament, refused to pay her taxes until women got the vote, and threw herself under Prime Minister Asquith’s car. She became president of the Suffragette Fellowship.

From the designer-“In the collection dedicated to Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, Bora Aksu creates garments to reflect the contrasts in her life. The lightest pastel shades of lilacs, blues and powder pinks come alive in forms of lace and silk tulles moving freely, representing Sophia’s soft and shy self, growing up in the blankets of an aristocratic life. In contrast, thick black and white embroideries layered on plaid to reflect her passionate, determined side”

“Much of the detailing is inspired by the Suffragettes and their symbolic dress codes in the early 20th century, with hand embroidered words in pale shades written on shirts, collars, cuffs and ribbons, sending softly spoken but strong messages”

The feminine and elegant textures paired with the graphic lines and shapes create the perfect balance of Sophia’s character, romantic yet bold.

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